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The Creative Team behind Luxcrete

Founders Jade Woodward and Matt Blomgren are the creative team behind Luxcrete Designer Concrete. With Jade’s strong background in design, along with Matt’s mastery in traditional concreting and formerly shop fitting, the pair saw a trend emerging on the Australian design landscape and leapt in. In 2017, they moved to combine these strengths to launch Luxcrete Designer Concrete.

It’s a great thought that what we make gets better with age, and is considered a green option due to its longevity. Concrete develops its own natural patina over the years, and tells tales of its past in a way that not many mediums are able to.

We love the story that things hold. We love that, indirectly, we’re in the business of bringing people together to eat and laugh and enjoy each others company as they sit and make and talk around a piece of furniture that has had immense amounts of conscious effort put into its existence.

Whether a sleek nude integral vanity, or a raw textural dining top posing as the hero piece to the room, designer concrete is on trend and it’s here to stay.

‘Our core focus is to bring simple, honest, handmade design to the fore, with a focus on the natural beauty of the concrete.’

‘When we pour and strip a piece THE ANTICIPATION of seeing it for the first time never gets old. No two pieces are ever the same, and the natural voids and SUBTLE TONAL DIFFERENCES mean that we let the piece guide the finishing process. That’s just how we like to design.’

– Jade Woodward | Creative Director| Luxcrete Designer Concrete –

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To find out more about Luxcrete Designer Concrete or to enquire about our Concrete products, simply call us on 0431 039 005 or send us an email to If you would like to fill out our online enquiry form with some details about your project, we will contact you to discuss your project in more detail.